Building the future of retail, together

Flagship empowers creators and tastemakers to build thriving businesses with their community and favorite brands.

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  11. Flagship creators
  12. Company pasta making event
  13. A popo in the trees
  14. Company meeting
  15. Ordering food in a restaurant
  16. Visiting popos around SF

Our story

Flagship was born in 2022 from a simple observation: cultural leadership has shifted. It moved from being dictated by magazines and TV programs, to being led by millions of creators and online tastemakers. People that look like you and me. People we can relate to and aspire to become. However, the monetization tools available to this new class of culture leaders is lagging and often underpays them, making it very difficult for them to build thriving and resilient businesses.

To tackle the problem, our co-founders, Youssef, Juhana, and Khalil started Flagship, a simple platform for these entrepreneurs to build online stores and turn their passion into thriving businesses. With Flagship stores, creators can focus on what they do best: shaping the future of culture and authentically recommend the right products to their communities. Everything else is taken care of by Flagship and our partner brands. That way, creators can become the future of retail.


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