Unlock next level growth with creators

Harness the power of creators to take your brand to the next level. It's simple, free, and fully transparent.

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Everything you need to tap into the creator economy

Flagship is an incremental sales channel where you can connect with creators who promote and sell your products directly on their own shops. Access their passionate communities, maximize your brand exposure, and drive measurable results.

Seamless integration and auto-matching

Flagship seamlessly integrates into your tech stack in minutes, ensuring that orders flow directly to you as if they came from your own website. Powered by AI-driven matching, our platform connects your brand with the perfect creators, scaling your presence efficiently and effectively.

Guaranteed results, zero guesswork

Our pay-for-performance model ensures guaranteed ROAS with every creator partnership. Forget about cookies or pixels – Flagship offers clean attribution and true incremental growth for your business, providing clarity and confidence.

Authentic creator partnerships

With Flagship, you can maximize ROI while fostering authentic connections with creators and their communities. Showcase your products through creators who genuinely love and endorse them, building lasting partnerships that drive sales and brand loyalty.

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Be in good company

Brands of all sizes choose Flagship as a way to drive incremental sales.

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  1. What commission should I offer?

    We suggest offering a minimum of 20% commission for each creator.

  2. How do returns and general customer service requests work with Flagship?

    Typically, the customer will reach out directly to the Flagship customer support team to inquiry about a return or exchange. The Flagship ship team will follow each brand's online policies for Returns and exchanges. If the Flagship policies are more favorable than the brands, Flagship will cover the costs of the return. The Flagship team will also handle all general customer service questions. See more details on customer support here.

  3. How do discounts work?

    You can offer creators a discount on your products by creating a discount. Flagship automatically applies the discount % as set by you, there is no coupon code creation required and our system will not accept codes from your Shopify. Note: Flagship will automatically reflect strike-through pricing from your website however, Flagship will never use your coupon codes.

  4. I run a traditional affiliate program, will there be double attribution?

    No, all checkouts happen right on Flagship, not your website, so there will never be double attribution. This allows brands to continue scaling all other marketing efforts in addition to their Flagship channel.

  5. How do payments work?

    Checkouts happen on each creator's boutique. Flagship processes the transaction, pays the creator their commissions, and then pays the brand the remaining balance. Flagship pays out every day, for the day prior.

  6. What is Flagship's cost?

    Flagship charges a transaction fee + a standard payment processing fee, no additional monthly charges. We make money when you make money.

Flagship vs affiliate

  1. Flagship


  2. 100% accurate & transparent attribution

  3. AI powered creator matching

  4. Seamless integration

  5. Guaranteed ROAS

  6. Automated daily payouts

Unlock next level growth with creators

Add your brand to Flagship to start driving incremental sales.

Easily link your backend to Flagship for a seamless connection.

Match with the creators that make sense for your brand.

Receive orders directly as if they happened on your website.