Create a living around your community

You've built a community around your taste. Create a Flagship shop with your favorite independent brands and turn your influence into a thriving business.

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  10. The Flagship app on a phone
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Unlock the full potential of your influence

Your Flagship shop allows you to sell your favorite products from independent brands, engage your community, and earn top commissions.

Setup to sales in minutes

Get your shop up and running in minutes. We'll handle the hard stuff like customer support and shipping. Our tech is working even when you aren't, engaging your members and driving sales.

One shop with all your favorite independent brands

Flagship eliminates promo codes and multiple checkouts. Your audience can shop independent brands that match your values with exclusive deals — all in a single checkout experience.

Own your audience and future

With Flagship, you get direct access to your audience and their insights. This helps you break free from platform uncertainties and algorithms, and build your business on your terms with confidence.

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Hear from Flagship creators

Support independent brands, earn top commissions


  1. How do I get started with a Flagship shop of my own?

    Thank you for your interest in creating a Flagship shop! We invite you to apply for a shop here. Joining is free, and signing up is quick. We'll assess your application based on your community size and review your content for a clean and ethical online presence. Once onboarded you will design your shop, select the products to line your shelves, share your shop, and earn!

  2. Can I create a shop if I'm not in the US?

    Yes, although at this time we only support product shipping within the US.

  3. How do I earn on Flagship?

    On Flagship you receive credit for every sale you drive from your shop. If an item was placed in a customer's cart and a checkout occurred, you earn a commission. No questionable dead links or outdated tracking methods (cookies, pixels, UTMs) to determine your rev share.

  4. What brands can I sell on my Flagship?

    From apparel to food, beauty to homeware, there are brands on Flagship for every type of content creator. New brands are added daily and if your favorite independent brand isn’t on Flagship yet, you can refer them to join for a $250 bonus. Current top sellers include: Maya Fragrances, Babe Original, Baker & Olive, Owala, ChappyWrap, Spicewalla, True Classic, Lola Blankets, ABLE and more!

  5. How do I discover new brands and products on Flagship?

    We know that finding the perfect products to share with your audience is like discovering hidden treasures. Flagship Marketplace elevates top sellers, new arrivals, and seasonally relevant products to take the guess work out of discovery and unlock more opportunities to earn.

  6. How do I partner more closely with the brands on Flagship?

    There are several ways to activate and optimize your brand relationships on Flagship including gifting, exclusive discounts, performance bonuses, and collaborations. You can also use the messaging portal to connect directly with brands. This is a great way to build relationships with the brands you truly love and use.

  7. Can I sell my favorite brands on my Flagship?

    Yes, we'd love to host your favorite brands in your Flagship shop. Invite your favorite brands to join Flagship and earn $250 when they become a Flagship partner.

  8. Can I sell my own merch (retail and digital products) in my Flagship shop?

    Yes. Sell your cookbook, digital merchandise, and/or white label brand collabs on your Flagship shop alongside products from your most loved independent brands.

  9. Where and how do I share my Flagship?

    Share your shop in your link in bio, newsletter, YouTube description page, and on your blog. Since shopping your Flagship is a newer experience for your community, be sure to also tell your followers how Flagship works the first few times you share your shop.

Flagship vs affiliate

  1. Flagship


  2. Credit for every sale

  3. Daily payments

  4. 20% average commission rate

  5. Single checkout across multiple brands

  6. Capture customers' emails

Earning with Flagship is easy

Answer a few simple questions to start down the road of independence by building you own Flagship store.

Set up your own store in a few clicks.

Select the products you want to showcase in your store.

Start generating revenue from the sales you make.